scent list

* the color of the scent name is the approximate color of the candle.  white and cream candles are typed in grey.  some of these are seasonal scents and are not available year-round.

:: aloha ::

bright hibiscus flowers, jasmine, rose and swaying palm trees.

:: apple orchard :: 

crisp, juicy red apples straight from the orchard.             

:: baby’s butt ::

a soft blend of soothing lavender, fresh baby powder and vanilla.

:: beach house ::

fresh summer melons and crisp ocean air to remind you of those carefree days on the beach.

:: blueberry patch ::

fresh, juicy blueberries straight from the farm.

:: chamomile sage ::

herbal sage with the soft and calming scent of chamomile flowers.

:: chocolát ::

a romantic, powdery twist on a classic chocolate fragrance.

:: citrus squeeze ::

an exhilarating mix of bold citrus fruits like sweet orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit, lemon and lime.

:: clean sheet day ::

the smell of clean linens that were dried in the warm, summer breeze.

:: coffee bean ::

fresh roasted coffee beans drizzled with hazelnut.

:: cupcake ::

warm yellow cupcakes topped with creamy icing.

:: daydream ::

the sweet smell of hawaii and the flowers that greet you upon arrival.

:: eucalyptus mint ::

herbal eucalyptus leaves with a cooling blend of spearmint and peppermint.

:: fig & oak ::

fresh figs,cranberry, leather and musk

:: firewood ::

the warm, cozy smell of a wood burning fireplace.

:: grass stain ::

fresh cut grass - the smell that surrounds you on a warm, lazy summer day.  a summer favorite!

:: green tea ::

clean and fresh… green tea leaves with a touch of citrus.

:: happily ever after ::

the scent of fresh wedding bouquets being carried down the aisle.  makes a great shower or wedding gift!

:: happy birthday! ::

dark german chocolate cake without the calories – happy birthday!

:: herb garden ::

fresh tarragon leaves, bergamot, grapefruit & jasmine with green and oaky base notes.

:: homesick ::

apples baked with cinnamon and covered with streusel and walnuts.

::  honey mango ::

ripe mangoes, pure honey and a hint of papaya.

:: lavender dreams ::

calming lavender perfectly blended with lilac, sage and mimosa.

:: lavender lemon ::

a clean and inviting scent…a fresh blend of lavender and tangy lemons.

:: lemondrop ::

lemon blossoms, bergamot, violet, lavender and sandalwood create a beautiful, sweet and powdery lemon scent.

:: lemongrass sage ::

fresh lemongrass and sage straight from the herb garden.

:: london fog ::

freshly steeped bergamot tea with warm, steamed milk.

:: lovely ::

a feminine blend of citrus, floral and woodsy notes that is both casual and glamorous.

:: nag champa ::

a famous blend of plumeria, asian resins and sandalwood… to bring out your inner hippie. a best-seller!

:: naked ::

unscented for those who like it “au naturale”.

:: ocean waves ::

fresh marine notes, citrus and a hint of musk. the essence of fresh ocean air.

:: pure lilac ::

beautiful lilac bushes - a soft reminder that spring has arrived. 

:: precious woods ::

smoked woods, nutmeg, musk & ylang blooms

:: rose petals ::

an intoxicating bouquet of fresh cut roses.

::  sensual amber ::

an indelibly rich scent, this fragrance is a blend of vanilla steeped in delicious spices with sensual, dark patchouli and velvet floral absolutes.

:: spa day ::

a fresh floral medley with musk, melon and sweet citrus dancing in the ocean breeze.

:: strawberry rhubarb ::

ripe, summer strawberries and tart rhubarb – it will make your mouth water! a summer best-seller!

:: sunshine ::

like large sunflowers swaying in the wind as the ocean waves slap against the salty seashore.

:: summer fling ::

a flirty mix of creamy coconut and lemon verbena with a big burst of lime.

:: tahitian vanilla ::

warm vanilla and molasses drizzled over musk, patchouli and sandalwood. a very sensual scent and a favorite for both men and women. 

:: tomato leaf & basil ::

the scent of a lightly brushed tomato leaf with a hint of fresh basil.  makes a great gift for a gardening enthusiast!

:: vanilla grapefruit ::

creamy vanilla with a surprising burst of pink grapefruit. a summer best-seller!

:: verbena basil ::

summer lemons, verbena, basil & cedar leaf

:: warm vanilla ::

the perfect bakery vanilla – warm, creamy and rich.

:: wedded bliss ::

fresh strawberries and sparkling effervescent champagne, kissed with hints of lily of the valley and fresh apple cider.  makes a great shower or wedding gift!

:: white tea & ginger ::

an exotic blend of white tea, spices, citrus, jasmine and freshly cut ginger root.  a best-seller!

Limited Edition - Fall & Winter favorites
pumpkin pecan: pumpkin with pecans, waffles & maple syrup
spiced cranberry: sweet cranberry with cinnamon and clove
winter wonderland: a fresh blend of pine, spruce and fir
snowflakes: a wintery mix of floral and mint
sleigh ride: fresh pine and a hint of orange peel
christmas pear: brandied pears baked to perfection
eco candle essentials blends

:: goddess ::

classic patchouli – the essence of a true goddess.

:: refresh ::

a fresh blend of lemon, sage, orange, geranium & ginger.

:: awaken ::

awaken your sense with rosemary, peppermint, anise & lavender.

:: soothe ::

a soothing blend of eucalyptus, lavender & lavadin.

:: calm ::

the calming scent of pure lavadin & lavender essential oils.

:: peace ::

essential oils of tangerine, lemon, thyme & patchouli.

:: euphoria ::

beautiful essential oils of rose, jasmine & sandalwood.

:: comfort ::

comforting oils of sweet orange, cinnamon leaf, cassia & clove.